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Top 5 Fastest Dogs

November 25, 2011
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Top 5 fastest dog in the world.

image provided by wikipedia


1. Greyhound

Weight: Males are 27 to 40 kilograms (60 to 88 lb) and females are 27 to 34 kilograms (60 to 75 lb).

Height: Males are 71 to 76 centimeters (28 to 30 in) tall at the withers and females are 68 to 71 centimeters (27 to 28 in).

Appearance: Greyhounds have very easy-to-maintain short hair. There are roughly 30 colors found which includes white, brindle, and fawn, black, red and blue (gray) and they can be in combination too.

By far the greyhound is the fastest dog in the whole world. It has been proved that they run 50% faster than the fastest human. Their maximum speed can get up to 45 miles per hour and in some cases even faster. They are amazingly fast sight hounds. They weigh from 45to90lbs adding size and strength to the speed .However, they are built for speed and not for durability and therefore they can’t sustain their amazing speed for that long. But since they run a lot fast, they are able to hunt any relatively small animals like deer and hares within the little time it runs for. They have been also known to jump much higher. Since their weight is not much less and that is why they can also be used for pulling dog carts but they won’t be running for very long distances because they are very low energy dogs according to the Animal Planet.


image provided by wikipedia


2. Whippet

Weight: 5 to 30 lb (6.8–14 kg)

Height: Males are   18.5 – 20 inches (47 – 51 cm) and females are 7.5–18.5 inches (44–47 cm)

Appearance: Because color is considered immaterial in judging Whippets, they come in a wide variety of colors and marking patterns, everything from solid black to solid white, with red, fawn, brindle, blue, or cream. All manner of spots and blazes and patches are seen, sometimes all in the same litter.

These are comparatively smaller dogs but they are very fast. When they take off, their aerodynamic body looks like a multi-million jet ready to take flight to the playgrounds of the rich and famous. They have great agility too. Whippets are well suited to living indoors, but still require regular exercise. They are well-known as sight hounds which means that they hunt based on their sight, rather than smell.


image provided by wikipedia

3. Saluki

Weight: 40–60 pounds (18–27 kg)

Height: 23–28 inches (58–71 cm) high at the withers

Appearance: Salukis have very long and narrow head. They have large eyes and drop ears. The tail of the breed is long and curved. It has the typical deep-chested, long legged body of the sight hounds.Their coat may be of several colors ,including  white, cream, fawn, red, grizzle and tan, black and tan, and tricolor (white, black and tan)

They are also considered one of the oldest breeds, having been unearthed from sites dating back to 7,000 B.C.  This dog comes from Egypt but roamed theMiddle Eastwith the nomads, aiding them in the search for sustenance. This dog is also a sight hound. It has great speed as well as endurance. It can run under extreme desert heat. They are also sometimes seen to be used for hunting hares. Their top speed may approach 40 miles per hour. When it runs it looks like it is almost flying. I think it is the most beautiful dog to see run on this list.


image provided by wikipedia

4. Russian Wolfhound (aka Borzoi)

Weight: 100 to 120 pounds.

Height: 26 to 30 inches at the shoulder.

Life Span: 8to 10 years.

Speed: up to 37 mph (6


Appearance: They look much like Afghan hounds and Saluki. They can be of any color or color combination. It has a silky and quite flat long top-coat. The soft undercoat thickens in winter or cold climates, but is shed in hot weather to prevent overheating.

The borzoi which means” fast” signifies the speed of the dog. They are also known as Russian wolfhounds. It is very similar to the greyhounds. They maintain a strong instinct to chase what runs from them, so they are natural coursing dogs. The Borzoi is a large, strong and healthy dog with great hunting and sporting abilities. Sweet and gentle, the Borzoi represents a well-mannered home dog. It is quite intelligent and can be taught impressive tricks.


image provided by wikipedia


5. Irish Wolfhound

Weight: 40.9kg (90.16lbs) to 54.5kg (120.15lbs) .

Height: 71cm (27.95ins to 79cm (31.1in).

Appearance: Their head and neck are carried high, the tail carried with an upward sweep with a slight curve towards the extremity. They are very muscular, very strong though gracefully built. Their run is fast and ground covering. Their bite is darn punishing. Their color includes grey, brindle, red, black, pure white, fawn, wheaten and steel grey.

Life span: 6 to 10 years.

These are called wolf hounds because they hunt wolves, not because they look like them. It is pretty obvious that a dog that has the capability to hunt wolves would be very strong and quick. It is recorded that these dogs are so expert at hunting wolves that they made one species of wolves extinct. They have also the reputation of being the tallest of all known breeds


Note: I do not own the photos and the information provided may not be accurae.







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